About Us - active shooter in Coral Springs

Our Experience

Over the past 5 years we have instructed hundreds of citizens, as well as law enforcement, the survival skills needed during Active Shooter events.  It all started out as part of our assigned duties as law enforcement officers for our agency.  As time went on we noticed the increased need for more education in the private sector.  Our agency and many other local police departments are not able to handle the demand, so we decided to go out on our own and opened Survival Response LLC.  Our motto is ‘Ad vita paramus,’  which translates to “We are preparing for life.”  

Our Approach

We use our real world experience and years of training to help you survive in workplace violence, active shooter, and terrorist attacks.  Additionally, we provide comprehensive security consulting. Active shooter training in Coral Springs

Why Us?

We are active law enforcement officers with decades of experience in SWAT and tactical training.  We have also been involved in and learned from Active Shooter incidents in our area.